You'll be spoiled for choice with these paving ideas - from brick and cobblestone paving to flagstones and paving slabs, outdoor tiles, pebbles and stones, and of course, the best paving manufacturers the South African market has to offer.
  • Cobblestone Paving

    Add a Tuscan decorative effect to your paved areas with cobblestone paving to long-lasting walkways, driveways and other paving applications. View Products

  • Paving

    Pave your way with paving, which adds a touch of style to your garden and driveway as well as sturdiness and longevity as a paving solution. View Products

  • Paving Manufacturers

    Home Ideas has a wide variety of paving manufacturers who can help you turn any outdoor space into a wonderland with a variety of paving options that will leave you spoiled for choice. View Products

  • Pebbles & Stone

    Coloured pebbles and stones can make even the dullest corner of your garden pretty - choose from a variety of designs, colours textures and different applications for pebbles and stone. View Products