Picking The Perfect Precast Wall

Looking for an inexpensive way to instantaneously enhance the look, feel and safety of your home? Precast boundary walling is an increasingly popular option for homeowners who want privacy, security and style since these systems can be installed in a day or two with minimal mess.


Made from concrete and steel for extra strength, the panels that make up these walls are available in a variety of designs, sizes, shapes, textures and finishes to suit any home. Decorative panels can be added to enhance the overall design of your precast wall.

Precast walling options include the following:


The simple, plain Louvre design is the most commonly used and cost-effective pattern available. Louvre walls can be painted in any colour to complement the appearance of your home. These can be enhanced with tops and inserts in a variety of styles, depending on the preference of the homeowner.

Big Block

Featuring large rectangular shapes, the deep texturing of the Big Block or Jumbo pattern contributes to noise reduction while the smooth finish gives it its aesthetic appeal. What’s more, the textural definition is naturally enhanced by the changing light of the sun.


Stonecrete produced in a sandstone colour marries the beauty of stone with the durability and affordability of concrete to produce a natural-looking structure that blends into the garden landscape.


Showcasing the familiar whirls and patterns characteristic of a deep wood grain, Woodcrete provides the visual impact of wood together with the longevity of concrete in one beautiful product. Plus it requires virtually no maintenance and does not deteriorate.


Brickcrete offers the strength and look of a classic brick wall at an affordable price. Available in colours such as tan, plum and beige as well as in a multicolour option, this wall adds warmth and value to a home.

For homeowners looking to step up their security, precast wall extensions are a must. Not only can these extend the height of your existing wall by up to 1200mm (4ft), they can also be made to match them so you won’t have to comprise on style.

Putting up a precast wall is the perfect way to improve your home from an aesthetic and security perspective.

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