Planning Your Closet

We know how frustrating it is when you are running late in the morning and you can’t find your matching black sock or you can’t wear your blazer because it has too many creases from being squashed in the back of your closet.  A good closet design allows you to use your space effectively, keep your things neat and tidy which will save you immense time in the mornings.


Each person has different needs when it comes to closet design. To help you choose the right design that will perfectly match your lifestyle, we have set out some guidelines to keep in mind.

Using space effectively

Using the space you have in an effective way is the most important aspect to keep in mind. You first need to decide the combination of hanging space you need, how many drawers you will require and if you would like shelves installed.


Hanging Space

Long hanging space is used for dresses, long skirts and long coats. Short hanging space is used for shorts, short coats and folded pants.  Your hanging rods should be installed in such a manner that it allows the hanger to have sufficient space at the top of the rod and does not let the hangers stick out and come in the way of other shelves or even the doorway.


Drawers are great for things like your swimsuits, hats, gloves, workout clothes, jewellery and hair accessories. Organisers can easily be added to separate your drawers for different items. When you have decided what you would like to store in your drawers you will easily be able to decide how many drawers you will need. It is frustrating when you can’t find what you are looking for so avoid a drawer that is too deep. Drawers should not be higher than chest level, as you still need to see into them.


Shelves are great for items like shoes, hats, knitwear or any other item that you would like to visually display and may need easy access to. Ideally, shelves should be adjustable so that you can change them as your storage needs change. The great thing about shelves is that they can be any length and dividers can easily be added.


If you are getting ready at the earlier hours of the morning, then you will know how important lighting is. You will need good artificial lighting such as LED lights that will light up your closet while adding character and style. A skylight in your closet is a good way to allow natural light into your closet.


Full-length Mirror

A great way to incorporate a full-length mirror into your closet design is with sliding mirror doors.



This may not be vital to your closet design but you may need a place to sit where you can comfortably put on shoes.


Once you have decided on all the technical details of your design, you can then add your personal touch that will reflect your true style.

A good closet design is more than just the materials they are made of. With these guidelines, we are sure you will be able to design the perfect closet that will truly match your lifestyle.

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