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Looking for water heating and plumbing solutions for your home? Look no further than Platinum Plumbing Supplies, an expert reseller in all supplies you’ll ever need to keep the plumbing in your home at its best. Platinum Plumbing supplies the Kwikot range of domestic water heaters and geysers, as well as pressure control valves, sinks, preparation bowls and wash troughs as well as solar water heating equipment.

The domestic electric water heaters enable various capacities and all operate to a working pressure up to 600kPa. Leading brands are the Kwikot Megaflo, the Kwikot 600 Dual and the Kwikot 600i Dual. All units are “Dual” in design, meaning they can either be installed horizontally or vertically. The Megaflo 450lt unit, which is available in horizontal or vertical format and ideal for light commercial and large domestic applications, operate at up to 400kPa.

The company’s Industrial Division manufactures hot water and coldwater storage tanks from 500lts to 30000lts and all units are manufactured to customer specification. Tanks can be manufactured from various materials with optional coatings available.

A growing segment of Kwikot’s business is that of pressure control valves and valves used in electric water heater installations. The valve range is vast and range from Pressure Control Valves, Safety Valves, Pressure/Expansion Relief Valves and Vacuum Breakers covering domestic household installations and industrial installations. Valves range in working pressures from 200kPa, 400kPa and 600kPa. The Kwikot Mono Valve and Kwikot Multi Valve ranges offer unique product features and benefits with excellent flow rates.

The company has expanded is product offering by entering the domestic and commercial stainless steel market. The product range comprises of kitchen sinks, preparation bowls and wash troughs for domestic application to hospital equipment and catering equipment for commercial application. The product offering also includes a range of instant boiling water dispensers, primary for light and heavy commercial use.

Domestic Heat Pump

The introduction of an expanded range of solar water heating products under the Kwiksol brand name was launched in July 2008, and has positioned the company at the forefront of solar technology in South Africa, offering complete domestic solar water solutions to the specifier, installer and home owner.

When it comes to all things plumbing, Platinum Plumbing Supplies, in conjunction with Kwikot, has everything you need.

*This article was sponsored by Platinum Plumbing Supplies

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