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Once a swimming pool design is commissioned, there are a great many details to consider. From the size and shape of the pool to the filtration system, chemical system, construction materials, the list goes on. One of the final considerations, and by far the most fun, is the implementation of pool art.

Pool art is defined as a decorative effect, usually at the bottom of the pool, which makes use of pictures, decals and graphics. Construction materials vary according to tastes (and locations), but the effect is always the same — an inviting swimming pool for everyone to enjoy.

Swimming Pool

Pool art not only adds a beautiful splash of colour to your pool, but also has an almost 3D effect due to the movement of the water above it. For example, if you opt to use a mosaic design for sea creatures, you’ll be amazed at the result of swimming turtles or a mermaid preening her hair.

Another very beautiful design on the market is the compass. It has an incredible effect on the floor of the pool, adding a geographical allure to your sparkling sapphire blue pool. Orcas, dolphins, sharks, seahorses and pirate ships are also popular designs for individual pictures, and the latest trend is to have the entire pool floor mosaicked with coral designs and floral patterns.

Aqua art also comes in a variety of sizes. Try small sea turtles or fish on the pool steps or your kid’s splash pool, or perhaps a medium palm tree leading into the pool. You can even do large designs that make your pool come alive with animation.

Alternatives to mosaic tiles include ceramic, concrete paver, vinyl, fiberglass, glass and porcelain.


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A cheaper alternative to mosaic pool art is a pool art mat.  It creates the illusion of a painted pool floor, but is much easier to install as it can be added to the pool even when there is water in it. To install it, you put the mat in the water and push it down until it sticks to the floor using self-adhesive technology.

Ceramic Mosaic Art

Ceramic Mosaic Art

The South African market has made some beautiful innovations when it comes to pool art, notably with company Aqua Deco, which offers not only pool mosaics (which also comes in luminous), but also decals (which can be installed in minutes), and even a custom range, which allows you to use photographs and personalized images at the bottom of your pool.

No matter which material you chose, pool art adds a fun, attractive and delightful allure to your swimming area.


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