Heating & Cooling

Heating & Cooling
Balance warmth and coolness with these heating and cooling ideas including airconitioning for summer relief and fireplaces, geysers, heat pumps and underfloor heating for comfort and warmth in winter.
  • Air Conditioning

    With a huge option to choose from, your air conditioners and air conditioning systems will keep you and your home cool and well ventilated. View Products

  • Fireplaces

    When it comes to heating your interiors, a cosy fireplace can turn a house into a home. Home Ideas has all the fireplace options you need, from conventional and wood to gas fireplaces, firepots and fireplace accessories for ultimate heating. View Products

  • Geysers

    Geysers are a must-have for heating and electricity generation. When you heat water for your home, ensure that you have made the correct geyser choice in choosing gas geysers or solar geysers. View Products

  • Home Insulation

    Home insulation can provide your home with the perfect temperature all year round. Paying attention to the insulation of your home will also save energy (as well as power bills), have sound absorption properties and aids in creating an energy-efficient home. View Products

  • Solar Heating

    Take advantage of the wonderful South African sun and install solar panels for your heating requirements. View Products