Project management service you can depend on

The building and construction industries have notorious reputations for slow progress, unforeseen problems and delayed completion dates. But what if there was a company that maintains a hands-on approach matched with expertise and a network of tried-tested and reputable contractors at its fingertips?

Concept Building and Marketing will take your residential development project from a conceptual idea right through to architecture, cost-estimation and planning and building in one complete project management service.

Project Management: From concept to completion

CBM’s experiences and friendly team aim to create an enjoyable construction experience for clients. Impossible you say? Quite the contrary in fact. CBM has a business model strong enough to ensure that your project is conducted with the best possible solutions top of mind.

The company has formed alliances with various construction industry business partners, including architects, engineers and specialised contractors of all trades. This collection of alliances provides a long term supply chain that results in better value for the client.

Project Management Service

Project Management: Key to success

The tried and tested success of CBM revolves around the company’s policy on openness, trust and a productive relationship between all partners in order to provide a quality construction project that converts wasted cost into lower prices for the client. A culture of continuous improvement in the alliance is achieving clearly defined results for the clients, who are seeing reductions of 15 to 20% in project cost.

Additionally, the company sees reductions in the following fields:

  • 25% in delivery time
  • 30% in construction waste
  • 25% in on-going operation

Further to this, maintenance and energy costs are always kept in mind. The benefit of these alliances to the client occurs through increased on-site productivity. Only screened and carefully selected trade contractors and suppliers are contracted by CBM. The company will also ensure that guarantees are issued by specialised traders and suppliers. They will also scrutinise skills and workmanship standards of contractors from the onset.

If what you seek is a project manager that can take your idea of a dream home and create something even better in the most efficient way, look no further than CBM.

*This article was sponsored by Concept Building & Marketing

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