Radiant lighting effects

Planning on doing some decIndoor lantern lightorating? You’ve probably considered everything from the colour, materials and style you want to use, to the furniture and finer décor details. But what about the lighting? The look and feel of your home depends hugely on the lighting used, as it enhances colours and adds dimension and texture to a room. To help you improve your home with beautifully lit spaces, we’ve shed some light on lighting effects:


There are three types of interior lighting: ambient, task and accent. Ambient light refers to evenly distributed light and is usually supplied by a ceiling fixture, while task lighting is light that is directed to a specific area in a room and is generally used to help make tasks easier by providing more light for them to be done. Accent lighting draws attention to a particular area or object and can add depth and drama. For an effective lighting scheme, you’ll need to combine all three. Remember that it isn’t necessarily the fixture that determines the type of light, but the way in which it is used.


When choosing your fixtures, take into consideration the activities that take place in a particular room and the mood you would like to create. Fixtures are also great for defining areas used for specific activities. Be sure to choose a style that complements your décor.


Speaking of décor, lampshades are used not only because they look good, but control the light too. The shape of the shade and opacity of the material affect the diffusion and direction of the light. For even more control over brightness and mood, try using dimmers. These can extend the life of your bulbs and are also more energy efficient.


Home lighting effects


The key to saving energy, however, lies in your choice of light bulb. There is an array of energy efficient options available on the market that not only cut down on electricity and are better for the environment, but also last longer than traditional bulbs. Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs), LED or Tungsten Halogen are the best bulbs for ‘green’ homes.


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