Reduce energy loss using double glazed windows

If you’re looking for the best in aesthetic appeal, construction and environmental performance for your home, then double glazed windows are an unrivalled choice, especially when it comes to reducing energy loss within your home.

Double glazed windows consist of two panes of glass separated by a layer of air which is then then sealed. They are designed to provide a better barrier against outside temperatures than single paned windows because of the two layers of glass acting as an insulation buffer.

Double Glazed Windows

The glass has a specially-coated surface that is able to re-radiate heat in winter and prevent heat from entering during summer. Double glazing was originally created for extreme climate conditions, but is now widely used in most locations.

Double glazing reduces heat loss by up to 60% according to Teva Windows and Doors, a leader within the industry. Their uPVC window frames combined with double glazing make for the most energy efficient windows in South Africa. Double glazing also insulates against outside noise and makes your rooms more quiet and peaceful.

Double Glazed Window

Double Glazed Windows from Teva Windows and Doors

Teva windows substantially reduce energy costs by regulating the loss and gain of heat within your home. The solution is not more energy generation, but better, more efficient use of what is available to us. The initial investment may seem expensive, but the reality is that it normally pays back within a couple of years.

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