Safe & Secure With Electric Fencing – Part 1

Over the last decade, electric fencing has become a must-have feature for every home. Not only does it act as a psychological and physical deterrent for criminals, but replaces alternative, more expensive barriers.


Electric fencing is the very first line when it comes to protecting your home, not only in the sense that it is a deterrent but also acts as a system that gives the would-be criminal a rather painful and very unpleasant high-voltage shock. Additionally, by using an electric fence, the attempted penetration of an electrically protected area is delayed, thus allowing adequate reaction time for security personnel to respond.

What you need for a permanent electric fence installation:

  • A compliant electrical contractor
  • An electric fence energizer (a transformer that can convert low power into high power to the person who touches the wire. It is designed to allow to pulsate on and off to avoid fatalities)
  • The earthing system-the galvanised metal stakes that are placed in the earth near the energizer
  • The lead out-conductive, insulated cable or wire that connects the energizer to the fence
  • A well-insulated fence -to ensure the voltage remains constant along entire fence system and provides protection
  • The actual fence
  • Offset brackets

South African regulations:

According to governing bodies such as SABS, SANS and the government, legislation was introduced to ensure that the public could not be fatally shocked when coming into contact with electric fencing. As set forth by the Electric Machinery Regulations and the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the maximum voltage set in South Africa is 10 000 volts. Additional safety features as per the law include a clear and visible warning sign, consideration into the location of neighbouring fences, no installation near power and communication lines, and general location of installation. There are also strict regulations with regards to materials used, and it is a good idea to brush up on these if you wish to commission an electrical professional. It’s always best to know your facts before spending your money.

Don’t compromise on the security of your home. Invest in a reliable electric fence to give you complete peace of mind.

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