Sliding Gate And Pedestrian Gate From Exclusivio

Exclusivio wrought iron designs received a request to create a steel sliding gate and a steel pedestrian gate, one that is not seen every day. We got the opportunity to let the imagination run wild on this project.

Sliding Gate


Pedestrian Gate

We use the following approach for this project:

  • For the frame work on the big steel sliding gate, Exclusivio  used a rectangular tube of 50mm x 25mm.
  • The sheeting we used to fill the gate was 1.6mm thick.
  •  We used a rectangular tube of 50mm x 25mm to quarter the gate off into four sections, which the designs was created in.
  • For a different look, we used a square bar of 12mm x 12mm and twisted it creating a spiral look.
  • In each section, Exclusivio  added five circles of 100mm in size for the finishing touches.
  • The designs were added to both sides of the gate.
  • The frame work for the pedestrian gate we used a rectangular tube of 50mm x 25mm and sheeting of 1.6mm thick.
  • We  divided the pedestrian gate into  two sections and created the same effect as on the big gate using 12mm x 12mm square bar to create the spiral look.
  • In each halved section we added five circles of 100mm in size to finish off the gate.
  • We first applied a primer on the gate and continued painting it in black and bronze, which of the detail on the steel gates was painted to appear brighter than the rest of the gates.
  • We laid down a track for the sliding gate as well as installing a catch and latch system.
  • We added a double pin slam lock to the pedestrian gate.

The end result looks beautiful with yet a satisfied client.

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