Sofa and couch ideas

What do you use your lounge area for mostly? Entertaining guests? Keeping the kids amused? Tuning out in front of the TV?




Since this is the room where you spend the most time, and with these sofa and couch ideas, you can find the right furniture to not only suit what the area is used for, but also reflect your own unique style. We’ve compiled a list of tips to bear in mind when picking the perfect sofa to suit your home and lifestyle.


  • People Pleasing: Ask yourself how many people would typically be seated at one time and whether the couches will be used by children and/or pets. The colour and the size of the sofa you choose will depend hugely on these factors.
  • Space and Place: Decide how much space you want your sofa to take up and remember to measure the area where you want it to be placed. Also, take into account how you would like the couch to be positioned so consider factors such as the proximity to entryways and focal points in the room that you would like to feature
  • Selecting the Style: The size of the room and its main use should give you an idea of the style of couch you should choose. For example, smaller rooms should be furnished with simple, straight, narrow sofas to give the illusion of space, while taller, more ornate couches can be used in bigger rooms.
  • Functional Fabric: When it comes to choosing the covering of your sofa, it is important to consider aesthetics as well as durability. It should also be easy to keep clean, particularly if kids and pets will be climbing on the couches.
  • Colour Clever: The colour of your couch plays a key role in determining the overall look and feel of the space. To ensure that your couch doesn’t date too quickly, it is advisable to choose something in a neutral shade. What’s more, a neutral colour will allow you to change the whole look of the room by simply changing décor accessories such as scatter cushions, rugs, light fittings and throws.


pop-art lounge



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