Splash out and shower your bathroom with value

Tired of your bathroom’s chipped tiles, leaky loo, small shower or blemished bath enamel? You don’t need to move; simply improve! Remodelling your bathroom will not only make it a more liveable and lovely space for you to enjoy, but also appreciate the intrinsic value of your home. Here are some tips to ensure that you get the most value for your bathroom renovation bucks:

  • Plan your budget carefully. Obviously, a cosmetic touch-up is going to cost significantly less than a floor-to-ceiling overhaul;
  • Employ a qualified draughtsperson to interpret your wants and needs onto a plan and remember to discuss your budgetary requirements with them — the last thing you want is to have a dream plan drawn up that is outside of your price range;
  • Determine the type of style you want;
  • If you are considering employing a designer to help make your dream room a reality, ask to see their portfolio. Ideally, it should contain a variety of decor types to ensure that they can easily adapt to your style. You should also ask for names of references and former clients that you could call;
  • Decide whether you’ll be changing the layout of your sanitary ware or if you will be keeping it as is. If costs are a factor, these should stay in place;
  • Should you choose to buy new sanitary ware, ensure that you measure your bathroom beforehand, as this will ensure that everything will fit in suitably. Getting the help from professionals to add value to areas such as bathroom counter tops, can make the world of difference.
  • Source reliable suppliers of good quality sanitary ware, tiles, accessories etc.;
  • Don’t go for what’s trendy when it comes to picking items that are expensive or difficult to replace like tiles, toilets and baths. These can date your bathroom in years to come, just like the ‘trendy’ coloured toilets of the ‘70s and ‘80s;
  • If you decide to use a building contractor to beautify your bathroom, ensure that they are registered with the necessary statutory bodies such as the National Home Builders Registration Council. You should also ask your contactor to submit their U.I.F, S.A.R.S. and company registration numbers together with their quotation to ensure that the company is reputable;
  • Get an estate agent to do a valuation on your property to see how much your renovations will add to its resale price.

A beautifully renovated bathroom will add value to you and your home, as well as create a sanctuary in your bathroom space.

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