Spoilt for choice with fireplace designs

One of the most enduring ways to warm your home while maintaining style and aesthetic appeal is the use of a fireplace. Create a cosy environment with one of these fireplace designs ranging from traditional and wood burning to gas, electric and insert fireplaces.


Insert fireplaces


Traditional fireplace designs

The traditional (otherwise known as conventional) fireplace is composed of several parts, according to home improvement guide Wyatt Fleming, including:

  • The foundation
  • The hearth (mantel)
  • Firebox
  • Smoke chamber
  • The flue
  • The screen and doors
  • The chimney case

The aspects are customisable to suit individual home styles and are fairly easy to install. The only problem with this type of installation is that it’s not necessarily the most energy-efficient fireplace design, and smoke is thought to create health hazards. Furthermore, adds home website Angie’s List, adding a traditional fireplace with brick chimney to a pre-existing house is an expensive operation that is usually not practical.

Other types of wood-burning fireplaces include masonry fireplaces, central furnaces, standard fireplaces and freestanding stoves.


Gas fireplace designs

Gas fireplaces are also known as vented fireplaces, vent-free fireplaces and ethanol burning fireplaces. According to Jay Leone, these are fueled by gas and produce heat, as well as serving decorative functions.

One type of fireplace that has been growing popularity over the years is the ethanol burning fireplace, Apartment Therapy notes, adding that their minimalist looks and clean burn are responsible for this popularity. Gas fireplaces are an excellent light source and energy-efficient heating solution.


Electric fireplaces


Electric fireplace designs

Electric fireplaces may not be the most energy-efficient home heating solution, but their beautiful designs and powerful heat output keep these designs on the market. These fireplaces are also portable and can generate enough warmth to heat up a large room.

Another advantage of electric fireplaces are the scores of designs you can choose from and customise to suit your home’s appearance.


Insert fireplace designs

Apartment Therapy defines insert fireplaces as an energy-efficient and economical modular firebox that can be installed into any opening designed for an existing fireplace. The best way to control heat and air flow for this type of fireplace is with glass doors, which add a chic and stylish effect to the fireplace design.


Keep your home warm this winter by installing a fireplace to suit your every need, from cuddling up with a book and a mug of hot chocolate to watching a movie on the carpet with your family.



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