Staircase designs

A staircase’s main function normally entails getting from a lower point A to a higher point B and back. Nowadays, however, staircases have become a major architectural function in the home, supporting beautiful staircases designs while still maintaining this primary functionality.

Cantilevered or floating staircase design

Cantilevered or floating staircase design

By taking into account the style of your home as well as the décor theme, choosing a staircase design should match the primary style you already have.

If you are building a new structure entirely, then the design you choose for your staircase should match the décor you intend to implement.

Certain décor themes will accommodate particular staircase designs better than others will, and this needs to be kept in mind when commissioning a design.

Staircase designs:

  • The first and most common staircase design is straight stairs. With this design, there are no turns and no landings, and is an ideal option when working with a budget as well as space constraints.
  • The L-shaped staircase has a 90 degree angle at the landing and usually occupies the same amount of space as a curved staircase.
  • For homes with multiple levels, the U-shape is the best design, which makes use of an ascension and switch in the direction of the run below them.
  • For an extremely modern design, use the spiral staircase, which curves upwards and makes use of a minimal amount of space.
  • Helical staircases (or helix as they are more commonly referred to) are similar to spiral stairs but without a column in the middle. This is a very graceful design if you’re going to a regal look.
  • For space-saving options, try cantilevered stairs, which take on the appearance of suspended or floating stairs and have a crisp and modern design and feel to them.
  • Winder staircases turn at 90 and 180 degrees and make use of wedge-shaped treads. This design has soft, flowing lines and has a trendy look and feel.
Helix or helical staircase design

Helix or helical staircase design

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