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When constructing or renovating your home, one of the main considerations in terms of structural elements is whether your home will be one storey or more. If you have made the decision to make your home a double-storey (or to renovate and add another floor), the next consideration is the design and construction of a staircase. This may sound standard, but with modern innovations in today’s market, it won’t be a quick decision. That said, however, choosing staircase materials can be quite entertaining, especially if you want a contemporary design that will transform the space.


A well-designed staircase can create a “grand entrance” effect to your home. A regal architectural design can easily become a focal point and main attraction in your home. Taking into account the design and layout of your home, one must first select the type of staircase you want, and then the type of staircase material from which it will be constructed. Based simply on the amount of choices one has today, these are exciting decisions. The following is your guide to being one step ahead of the game.

Classic Wood

As far as staircase materials are concerned, people usually think of wood first. Wood can be a beautiful and functional material when it comes to staircase designs, and is a traditional and hearty design for any home. This is perhaps one of the major benefits of using wood — it can adapt to any decor style, and is a warm material to use. Additionally, wood is a green product and it is also a cost-effective option.


Concrete is a common choice in staircase materials, owing to the fact that it can take any shape. As such, when choosing the staircase design (such as spiral, curved or standard) concrete will allow the successful design of all types of staircases. The strength and sturdiness of concrete enhances its popularity, and most tend to use a granite or marble cladding addition to concrete to enhance the aesthetic appeal.

Modern Glass

One of the most contemporary staircase materials available today is the use of glass. This chic material allows the staircase design to lend itself to the interiors, and certainly acts as a focal point. Aside from the wow-factor of using glass for your staircase design, glass comes in a variety of colours and textures. One thing to keep in mind if you select glass is that it is a high-maintenance material from the onset. Glass needs to be measured very carefully in terms of width and thickness, so be careful when selecting your design professional.

Strong Steel

Another very modern staircase design makes use of steel, which is a stylish and cutting-edge staircase material which is also durable. Steel is also commonly used for balustrading. When steel and glass are used together, you will end up with a futuristic, ultramodern staircase design that can complement any interior style.

Once you have selected a material, you need to consider your measurements. The depth of the tread area is extremely important for staircase safety, as well as the height of each step. A step that is too high will make climbing difficult, so a lower step should be considered. Additionally, the width of the stairwell is important, particularly for moving furniture to the upper levels of the house.

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