There are many benefits to using glass in the home, for example how easy-to-clean it is, the low maintenance and high longevity as well as the clean and space-enhancing look it brings.
  • Decorative Glass

    Decorative glass provides a modern, chic finish to a room. Glass can also be used to bring in a bit of colour without the clutter. View Products

  • Frameless Glass

    Frameless glass is ideal for bringing in natural light and creating the illusion of space and is one of the most popular applications for doors, balustrades, enclosures and shower doors. View Products

  • Glass Table Tops

    Glass table tops add an element of sophistication while protecting your wood furniture making it the perfect solution. Glass table tops have many design features which makes them unique and exclusive. View Products

  • Glazing

    If glazed windows are what you're after, we have the suppliers for you! View Products

  • Mirrors

    Mirrors are a stunning way to create an impression of spaciousness. View Products

  • Sandblasting

    Sandblasting your glass will give you added privacy without blocking out the natural light. View Products