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Metrotile - Metrotile Roofing Systems

Metrotile South Africa is an innovative manufacturer of lightweight steel roofing materials for the European, Middle-east and African market. The international success and reputation is earned not only by the product concept itself, lightweight roofing solution, but also the variation in design and colours, efficient and effective production and excellent personal contacts.

The Metrotile product range is designed to reflect the styles of traditional roof products and therefor blend into the surrounding environment, irrespective of whether it is a modern, classic or contemporary building.

Light Power Solar Roofing Tiles

Metrotile leads energy-saving roofing with its Metrotile Lightpower photovoltaic (PV) solar tile and proprietary ventilation systems. Lightpower generates 60Wp per tile and because it is integrated into the roof tile, it is more secure than retrofitted solar panels and does not spoil the aesthetics of the roof.


Lightpower tiles

The energy-efficient ventilation systems add to the heat reflective steel substrate for a cooler roof, in line with the regulatory move towards more energy-efficient buildings in South Africa.