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Reticom Patio’s was established in 1996, and has more than 20 years of experience in building and installing quality carports, patios and more. We service the whole Gauteng region. Our products are manufactured from durable and reliable materials guaranteeing a quality product with a workmanship guarantee of 10 years.

Our dynamic team of professionals have perfected the installation process and aim to deliver an honest and cost effective solution for your home protecting your most important assets. We offer free designs and expert advice when discussing and planning your new renovation project.

Contact us today for your free quote on a quality carport or patio area.

Air Coolers

Reticom Patios is a supplier of water air coolers for your home, providing refreshingly cool air to your lounge, bedroom or entertainment area with the greatest of ease. Call us today for more information.


Air-water coolers are ideal for your patio or any other area around your home. They are portable and very energy efficient with no outlet pipes required. With one of Reticom Patios’ air coolers it is a breeze to cool off on hot summer days without polluting or drying out the air like conventional air conditioners. The air coolers work on the simple principle of evaporation and therefore are inexpensive to operate and maintain. Water air coolers are also beneficial to your health as they filter and freshen up the air in your home.


Reticom Patios has three models to choose from each with a different capacity and output ranging from 6000 to 13000 cubic metres of air per hour. Each model has a digital display screen to control temperature and speed. There are also the Music Type air coolers that come with a built-in music player to further increase the fun.


For all your air cooling needs do not hesitate to call Reticom Patios for an obligation free quote.