Swimming pool coatings

The pool coatings range available from Cemcrete’s will ensure longevity for your pool area while maintain its beauty and functionality. There’s nothing worse than a pool that cuts your feet — and with Cemcrete’s innovative pool coatings, this will never be an issue again.

PoolCrete (marbelite)

PoolCrete (marbelite) is an integrally reinforced, waterproof, coloured cement-based concrete mixture that creates a beautiful and smooth pool coating finish. It is supplied in dry powder form and requires the addition of clean water before being placed.


BeadCrete is a factory blended ready to use aggregate render for use on reinforced concrete pool interiors. BeadCrete produces a significantly superior aesthetic appearance leaving the pool with a stunning sparkle. The new finish is not coarse for low risk of skin abrasions and easily applied on new or renovated pool interiors by competent tradespersons.

Pool Coating

Pool Coating is a two-pack cement-based coating which can be easily and quickly applied using a paint brush. Having a base of white Portland cement it sets rock hard, performs well underwater and can be repeatedly scrubbed if necessary. Because of its crucial formulation, it has excellent bond and tensile strength, good abrasion and chemical resistance and reduces drying shrinkage. It is non-hazardous and potable water can be stored in structures treated internally with it.

Swimming Pool Coatings

POOL Sealer

An inexpensive sealer for treating leaking pools where seepage is through general porosity or thinness of the plaster. Pool Sealer will not seal plumbing leaks or structural cracks.

Pool patching (underwater)

A quick-setting compound having a base of white ce­ment and white marble, specially formulated to enable it to be taken underwater without disintegrating and later become rock hard.

Pool crack filler

A heavily fibre-reinforced flexible paste which, after being allowed to dry, remains flexible under water.

PoolCrete 1

Pool startup guide

Cemcrete will even provide an important step-by-step guide to the chemical treatment of pools after applying Pool Coatings.

To locate a contractor or applicator who will quote for the project you wish to complete, enquire on Cemcrete’s page they will send a professional to assist you.


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