Textured wall coatings bring glamour to your walls

Do you have an ugly wall that you want to turn into something beautiful? You might want to consider going for textured wall coatings. These textured wall coatings are an excellent way to protect the wall and are an excellent way to add some glamour into an otherwise boring wall. Textured wall coatings remove the need to paint a surface and create a tough barrier that has little chance of cracking or fading.

Textured Wall Coatings

Textured Wall Coating by CT Coatings

Things to consider when choosing textured wall coatings:

  • Cost — choose a wall coating which offers good value for money and coatings that have been created to offer strength.
  • Easy to apply — you may want to achieve a specific look and use an exact type of wall coating, but remember that the application of wall coatings demands a level of skill.
  • Protection – when deciding on a wall coating, select a coating that will offer the ultimate protection against the surrounding conditions.

Textured wall coating products from CT Coatings have been manufactured in accordance with the Italian-based technology to suit South African conditions. The products are fibre-acrylic based coatings and are of special interest to architects, home owners and home renovators due to their ability to withstand ageing, extreme temperature variations, pollution and general weathering conditions.

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