The benefits of foldaway washlines

A clothes-line is a convenient and effective way to dry your laundry at home, and the very best way to do this is by using the compact, reliable and efficient foldaway washlines from Foxy. Here’s why:

Features of the Foxy Foldaway Washline

  • The aluminium tubing is anodised to protect against rust
  • The washline frame is a combination of round and square tubing and is supplied in a 2mm thickness for added strength
  • Corner components are UV protected extending component life
  • Our line holder eliminate do not cut the nylon line thus extending the line life
  • There are between 8 and 16 tension points on each washline to pick up the slack of the nylon line when required.
  • Load bearing capacity varies between 55 and 75 kilograms
  • Free flowing side-arm therefore less wear and tear parts

Foldaway Washline

Remember that a good outdoor washline should have multiple benefits and zero admin. With Foxy’s DIY washline options, not only will you be spoiled for choice, but you’ll have a convenient, energy-saving and aesthetically pleasing design. They are also extremely sturdy, so they can handle washing from a single person all the way through to a family of six on laundry day.  There are many additional benefits of sing foldaway washlines as outlined below.

Advantages of using a foldaway washline

  • It will save you money
  • Reduces unpleasant smells on laundry
  • Eliminates fabric tears
  • Lessens the amount or ironing required
  • Reduces the laundry’s tendency to shrink
  • Energy efficient, in that it does not require the electricity needed for tumble-drying
  • Compact — can be folded away so you can use the space for something else.

With Foxy Foldaway Washlines, you don’t need a huge amount of space to dry your laundry. You can have a neat and foldaway washline, clean and good smelling clothes and space for other garden items all in one go.

*This article was sponsored by Foxy Foldaway Washlines

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