The best bathroom vanity

Thinking about upgrading your bathroom and adding some more storage at the same time? Then why not set the tone for your bathroom design with a vanity from Doorco Kitchens? The vanity is often a focal point of the bathroom and there are different types available to suit every style, budget and bathroom size. Keeping the following points in mind will help ensure that you pick the best bathroom vanity for your home:

  • 2Be sure to take the size of the space you have available into consideration. Measure the space you have to work with first, as this will enable you to see whether you have enough room for a vanity with a double or single sink.
  • Determine how much storage space you need for your toiletries and personal hygiene products and choose a vanity size that provides sufficient space for all these necessities.
  • Choose vanities in materials that are both durable and practical as these will affect how well the vanity will hold up under daily use. Cabinetry made from wood or steel is best, as these materials are sturdy and long lasting. Remember to fit your vanity with a countertop made from water-resistant materials such as ceramic tile, granite or glass.
  • Think about the style that you want to create in your bathroom and select a vanity to suit it. If you’re going for a contemporary or modern design, opt for a free ┬Éstanding sink in clear or coloured glass placed on a matching glass tile countertop. Alternatively, if your style is Victorian, you can get a ceramic sink with an inlaid rose pattern. For an Old World style, choose a hammered copper or stone sink with matching dark wood cabinetry.

A vanity will add storage, beauty and style to your bathroom.

*This article was sponsored by Doorco Kitchens

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