The history of awnings

Viewing a history of the awning shows us just how far this type of application has come, and more importantly, where it is going. The awning has a rich and diverse history that dates all the way back to ancient Egypt and Rome.

Ancient Applications

Originally, awnings were used in ancient Egypt and Syria to cover market stalls (and their owners), protecting them from the harsh desert sun. These original applications were made of woven reeds that acted as mats. As the world’s most advanced cavitation at the time, the Egyptians were very crafty when it came to creating shade and protection of their homes and market stalls.

The Velarium

Across the world, another very advanced nation was making use of these shade-coverings. The name Velarium was given to this application, a Latin term meaning curtain, which made use of a retractable, paneled awning that covered and provided shade for the spectators of the Coliseum. At the time, it was a makeshift design that was inspired by boat sails.


The Modern Awning

It was the Industrial Revolution that took the awning design to new heights, enhancing longevity and aesthetic appeal. This new design eliminated the use of wood by incorporating metal as a frame material. Fabric was also fastened onto the application, which significantly improved the look and the awnings durability. It was only after World War II that the canvas awning industry began to boom as an alternative to sun and shade control. Because this type of application was so affordable, many home and businesses made use awnings to control energy.

Types of Awnings

The history of awnings is a long and successful one, and the application has evolved throughout time to give us the very best that the market can offer. From a variety of different materials and functionality (such as fixed and retractable), consumers are spoiled for choice. Not to mention the fact that there are so many different styles to choose from. Ideal Awnings offers the following types of awnings:

  • Pram awnings: the unique pram awning with the material sliding in/out system uses the best acrylic materials available on the world market.
  • Acrylic awnings: for perfect sun and shade control with a beautiful and flawless design.
  • Blinds: brilliant for protecting outdoor areas from wind, blinds are notoriously popular for separating entertainment areas and shielding outdoor furniture from the elements.


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