The natural light magic of Skylights

Do you have a corner or room in your home that always seems dark and gloomy, even when the lights have been switched on? Then you should consider installing a Skylight! If you have walked into a room bathed in natural, soft light, then you’ve experienced the magic of Skylights.

By add natural lighting to dull, dark rooms adds an exciting element to an otherwise lacklustre, lifeless room. Installing skylight’s can provide a home with more than just natural light though. If a skylight is properly selected and installed, it can help you minimise your heating, cooling, and lighting costs.

Tubular Skylights

Tubular Skylights

Why install Skylights in your home?

A skylight in a small living room can make the room more inviting and appear to be deceivingly larger. A ventilating skylight in the bathroom can help disperse moisture in the air after a hot bath or shower. Tubular skylights in a passage can transform this shadowy area of your home into a sunny pathway.

Selecting a Skylight for your home

Before selecting a skylight for your home, determine what type of skylight will work best and where to place it to ensure that its contribution to your home’s lighting and energy efficiency is optimal. It is recommended that you contact a professional like Star Skylights and Waterproofing to help you with this decision.

The range of skylights manufactured in-house by Star Skylights and Waterproofing is diverse. Their product range includes: tubular skylights, quality glass sloped or pyramid skylight units and custom barrel vaults. They also offer mechanical or electric opening units for vented skylights on slab or tiled roofs. High quality glass is used for heat reduction, while acrylic or polycarb sheets are used for external barrels.

So, why continue to live in artificial lighting when you can flood your home with beautiful natural light.

* This article is proudly brought to you by Star Skylights and Waterproofing

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