The teen study room

A teen study room, as the name suggests, is a room for studying and is very much like the home office that adults use. This usually incorporates technology and literature: computers, printers as well as books and reference guides. Mokki Children’s Furniture range of units will make your teen’s study room a place where things are achieved.

A desk and comfortable chair are most necessary, and a couch in the corner can be a great decorative function if space permits. It is important that the desk is big enough that he or she can work well on it without creating too much clutter, and even more important that the chair is comfortable and does not place too much pressure on the lower spine. It’s worth it to invest in an orthopedic chair for studying purposes.


Storage is also an important consideration in the teen study room. Shelving is needed for study guides, textbooks and generally marinating the clutter that tends to build up. A desk with drawers is a good idea, since stationary can be stored away and kept in an organised manner.

Most importantly, the teen study room needs to have as little distractions as possible, while maintaining a relaxing and homely environment. The student needs to be able to concentrate on what they are doing, so interferences need to be jettisoned. For instance, when selecting colour schemes, vivid and bold colours can cause a teenager’s mind to wonder. Colour therapy experts contend that bright colours stimulate excitement in younger minds. However, using muted hues and soft shades make for good concentration because they offer calming effects. For boys, try dark wood desks and beige walls, or even soft blues. For girls, white or egg-shell is probably most effective. Subtly is important, but an occasional pop of colour can definitely be considered.


Finally, the study should always be clean. One of the functions of a study space is to inspire your teenager to want to be there, to be comfortable and to give them a place where they can go that does not have excessive noise levels. A place, in short, where they can concentrate. There is nothing worse for concentration than mess. Don’t let mounds of stuff accumulate, and try to encourage them to clean up each day as homework is completed.

Keep it simple, keep it smart and watch your young adult flourish in school. Mokki’s effective study units for teenagers will ensure that routine happens, since it’s much easier to have a habit when there is one set place to study each day.

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