The Ultimate Guide To Carpet Styles

Different carpet fibres have unique characteristics which determine the price and performance of a carpet. Carpet should be chosen according to the best style and texture for an installation. For example, tight low loop carpet will offer minimal pile distortion and look better in high traffic areas than a chunky large loop. Remember that expensive, luxurious carpet is probably not the best performer in high traffic areas.



Carpets are manufactured in the following styles :

Loop pile

Loop pile products maintain exceptional appearance since there are no exposed yarn tips and only the sides of the yarn are exposed to wear and stress. In general, loop pile carpets stand up to heavy traffic better than cut pile carpets.


Level loop

Loops of yarn of uniform height, which wear well and tend to hide footprints.. Multi-level loop carpeting, possibly created from chunky yarn, gives a more textured or ‘berber’ appearance.


Cut Pile

Cut pile is the most desired type of construction and is suitable for most areas of the home.



Dense construction and low pile height, with fibres tightly twisted and close together to create a rich, smooth velvet surface.



A variety of level cut pile styles with distinct upright tufts. These may vary in appearance from loose to dense constructions in a range of pile heights.


Frieze or Hard Twist

A cut pile where the yarns are twisted and heat-set in position, which helps hide footprints and vacuum marks.


Shag Carpeting

A longer pile with a shaggy appearance.


Cut Loop

This has a sculptured appearance, created by cutting some loops and leaving others uncut.



Carpet surfaces absorb or reflect light in different ways according to their construction and the finishing process applied to their tufts or pile. This can significantly change their appearance.


Carpet design is a combination of colour, pattern and texture. Modern contract carpets offer virtually unlimited options in this respect, from plain, discrete finishes to exciting, vibrant ones which enhance their surroundings.

Even extreme design effects can be achieved without any loss of wear performance and long-term appearance retention.

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