Home library: the ultimate book storage solution

One of the great things about trending movies is that it has reawakened the desire to read. Book sales have skyrocketed, from the Twilight Saga and Harry Potter franchise for teenagers (and adults for that matter) to 50 Shades of Grey and the classic Lord of the Rings. Even the comic book movie franchise has rekindled fans with the graphic novel hall of fame like Superman, Batman and the entire Avengers team. Reading has never been more popular.


The home libabry designs

The home libaray is a must-have room


Based on these trends, the home library has fast becoming the new must-have room in your home — from a single spare room transformed into a bookstore, all the way to a labyrinthine second floor library that would bring a tear to Shakespeare’s eye. There is an array of different ways to incorporate your love of reading into your living space.


The room of rooms:

The home library, for most, combines relaxation with reflection. There is nothing better than to spend an afternoon sitting on a couch with your favourite read and getting lost in another world. Depending on your home and the size of the area, your library can be extended horizontally or vertically. These present a seamless flow that result in wonderful designs.


Go with the flow

Home library design, in a nutshell, is that art of taking all your books and finding creative ways of putting them on display. This results not only in a functional room, but also a popular decorative feature. There are no two libraries that look or feel the same. Whether you have a single shelf lined with books or a mass of literature that rivals the Library of Alexandria, there are three elements to consider: space, shelves and books. If you have these, you’re good to go.


Choose your style:

Themes in home libraries range from traditional designs like Victorian and Elizabethan to modern and simplistic. Popular designs also see the incorporation of a ladder or spiral staircase that allows access to top shelves while still maintaining beauty. Slanted shelves, unique colour schemes, antique typewriters… the world of literature and décor is your oyster. Add some tabasco and have a feast!


Lighting options:

When it comes to selecting the lighting options for your library, keep in mind that this is probably a place where you will read. To that end, use accent lights on shelves and position lamps near your reading chair or nook. Ensure that the lights are positioned over your shoulder so that the light does not go directly into your eyes (thus minimising the glare). Bear in mind that lights can damage a book (and that electricity is a valuable resource) so don’t forget to turn lights off when you leave the room.



Add old-world charm to your home library with wooden shelves and a ladder


Combine your love of reading with the love of décor and make your home come alive with all the wonders of parallel universes, endless romances and heroic battles. Try to use a good system of organisation, such as the Dewey Decimal system, or sorting by genre and then by letter. At the end of the day, it’s yours to enjoy.


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