Tiles: Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space

Whether you’re creating a patio, hiding an old cement slab or giving your garden a make-over, tiling can transform your outdoor living space into an extension of your home and an area for enjoying with family and friends. Plus it can update, improve and add value to your abode.

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Here are some outdoor tile options that not only look good and last long but are also best for the safety of your family:

Ceramic Tiles

Available in a variety of colours, textures, patterns and sizes, ceramic tiles are a popular choice for outdoor use and give your home a warm and inviting feel. Look for tiles with a high Porcelain Enamel Institute (PEI) durability rating and a slip-resistant coating. This is an invisible coat of grit on the tile’s surface, which provides traction so that if the tile gets wet, people are less likely to slip and fall.

Porcelain Tiles

Thanks to their high density, porcelain tiles are extremely durable and are able to withstand extreme weather temperatures. They are also highly resistant to everyday wear and tear and, due to their very low moisture absorbency rate, are easy to clean and maintain.

Slate Tiles

Renowned for their natural appearance, slate tiles are also a highly cost-effective option if you prefer the stone-tiled look. Available in colours that range from rich reds, oranges and golds to mauve, lavender, green, blue, black, rust and brown, all slate tiles feature clefts and ridges that give it its unique textural, layered look. This feature also makes the tiles naturally slip resistant and therefore perfect for paving your pool area.

Terracotta Tiles

With their traditional red-brown colour, terracotta tiles can give a warm, rustic feel to your outdoor area. These tiles are durable and low-maintenance, but are also very porous, so proper care is essential in maintaining their appearance and increasing their lifespan.

Wooden Deck Tiles

Wooden deck tiles are a quick and easy way to transform your patio into a deck. Made from aged hardwoods, such as Rhodesian Teak, these tiles are able to endure varied climates and temperatures. They are also simple to install as the tiles are backed with a weatherproof polypropylene base that has connecting tabs on each side to clip the tiles together. Most come with a slatted design to allow water to drain through, thus preventing slips.

Tiles are a top choice for outdoor flooring and can really improve the look and feel of your home and outdoor area.

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