Types of kitchen countertops

What does your kitchen say about you? Are you a modern and contemporary culinary mastermind with a chic and modish kitchen design such as steel or granite? Perhaps you’re more a traditional and elegant chef who prefers wood.

Then there’s the messy cook who needs maintenance and cleaning-friendly type of countertop such as laminate. Whatever your flavour, there are many different kitchen countertops to choose from.

Kitchen Countertops

Granite kitchen countertops

Fueled by the new wave of home shows, granite countertops burst onto the scene. Suddenly, granite was to be found everywhere. And you knew that granite counters had reached the mainstream when even your Grandmother can be found leafing through granite brochures.

Of the three main types of granite countertops out there, the most highly valued type is slab granite. There are also modular and tile granite. The pros of these types of kitchen countertops are prestige and increasing a kitchen’s value. They are, however, a slightly more expensive option.

Quartz kitchen countertops

Quartz is a natural kitchen countertop material with the flexibility of a solid surface. Quartz countertops use pulverized quartz, plus resins to hardness and binding. Many quartz counters have antibacterial agents added. Pros of quartz include beauty and a high resell value, however the material is very heavy and must be installed by experts (which means there is no DIY option).

Laminate kitchen countertops

When it comes to affordability as well as DIY options, laminate is the way to go. This easy-to-clean, easy-to-install material is perfect for kitchen countertops because it is light to carry and inexpensive to purchase. Formica is probably the most popular laminate kitchen countertop material.

Concrete kitchen countertops

Once found only in very high-end or creative homes, concrete counters have gained significant ground in the last five years. This extremely modern form of kitchen countertops is poured onsite or can be poured in-store and then brought into the home. It is unique and can be shaped and fitted to any size.

Stainless steel kitchen countertops

Stainless steel kitchen countertops have now officially left the restaurant and entered the home.

Stainless steel, as a counter surface, is durable, sleek, 100% non-porous, and very impressive. Show off your true colors as a serious cook with stainless steel counters. Stainless steel is also germ-resistant, scratches can be polished out and it lends itself to a very chic design.


Bamboo kitchen countertops

Bamboo has now entered the home in the form of flooring. But what about kitchen countertops? It’s inevitable that bamboo would find its way into the kitchen, too. Bamboo, among many other benefits, is eco-friendly, has a beautiful wood finish, is strong and resilient and easy to install and maintain.

Choosing the right material for your kitchen

There are two major considerations when choosing what type of kitchen countertop will best suit your needs. The first is your lifestyle: solid surface, laminate, quartz and engineered stone are all low-maintenance and very easy to clean. On the other hand, granite concrete and wood are porous and require more work in terms of cleaning and maintenance. Second, you should consider your budget: concrete, granite and quartz will fall into the slightly more pricey range, but the beauty of design makes it all worthwhile.  However, if you are working within a budget, consider tile, wood or laminate.

The list of options for kitchen countertops is near-endless, and cooking enthusiasts are spoilt for choice in the South African kitchen market.

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