Ultimate space saving wardrobe solutions

One of the biggest organisation problems in a home is managing a wardrobe with space saving wardrobe solutions. People keep garments for years before they get rid of them (barring stains and holes), and this can accumulate very quickly. Eventually, this leads to a terrible level of clutter, which can affect your mindset and general levels of comfort. Though we may not consciously acknowledge it, the fact is, none of us can thrive with a messy wardrobe.

Closet organisers and wardrobe organisation techniques are a space saving solution can make life much simpler, and your bedroom a much more systematised. In order to keep things neat and tidy, you need to be creative with wardrobe storage.

Fineline’s Infinity storage system derives its name from the fact that the organiser components can be infinitely adjusted in height and position. It combines aluminium, glass, veneers or melamine to create the perfect system for your needs.

Designing storage space is both a science and an art. It must be practical and make use of all dimensions, but it also has to be aesthetically pleasing. Fineline knows that being organised makes things flow better — from getting dressed in the mornings to storing last season’s shoes and dresses. Adding to its diverse usability, the Infinity system can also be applied in studies, lounges and retail display units.


Benefits of a well-organised wardrobe

  • Space saving — instead of spending a ridiculous amount of time trying to find an outfit each, rather use that time to bask in the well-designed variety of options now available to you;
  • Create even more space by organising what you have instead of piling everything on top of each other;
  • It is much more aesthetically appealing and will make you feel good about your environment;
  • It can add value to your home;
  • Clutter is extremely bad for the mind. Ensure your own peace of mind through storage systems;
  • You will be able to separate and arrange your items much more easily.

Fineline’s wardrobe systems are made to measure, professionally installed, adaptable to all room shapes and dimensions, and makes use of 100% of available space.

When used in conjunction with Fineline’s sliding mirror door, your bedroom space will not only be extremely well-organised and clutter-free, but will also add an elegant ambiance and perception of space into your home, as well as adding a further 25% more storage space while saving on floor space.


This article was sponsored by Fineline Mirror Door

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