Using mirrors in the home

There is a beautiful quote by American novelist Edith Wharton: There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it. When it comes to using mirrors in the home, both functions of enhancing light and space are made that much easier, and in a cost-effective and hassle-free way.




Watch this space

Perhaps the best way to add a sense of space to your home is with floor length mirrors. These can be used in all general areas of the house, and pretty much double the perceivable space. They also make the room seem taller because it draws the eye up.  Similarly, mirrors placed on their sides can enhance the width of the room, as well as creating a very pleasant decorative effect. As much as mirrors were created for reflection, they have become much more than that. Innovative mirror uses saw the introduction of space in living areas, as well as many other benefits. Let’s also not forget that mirror designs come in the most beautiful varieties for every décor style out there. Indulge in some reflective surfaces and watch your space grow.


Show me the light

When it comes to activating the sense of light in a home, this concept is about making use of already existing light and enhancing it. This is done through the correct positioning of mirrors. One suggestion is to place mirrors opposite a window, which will replicate the light as well as duplicate the scenery. Additionally, mirrors can be used on an asymmetrical wall to create a faux window.  Hanging mirrors can also bring more light into the home as they can also be strategically placed to reflect incoming light (through windows, skylights etc.) but they have a secret benefit due to their portability: they can also be placed over tables with lamps so that even night time can bring light and warmth into the home.




For those homes that are mindful of the ancient techniques of Feng Shui into living spaces, the following should be kept in mind:

  • Mirrors should not reflect sharp edges, toilets or corners.
  • Mirrors work best in living and dining areas.
  • Electrical appliances and entertainment systems should not reflect from mirrors.
  • Try to position the mirrors so that they reflect the person as a whole, or at least the whole face.
  • Be aware of sharp lights that reflect from the mirror and into people’s eyes.


If you are living in a space that is slightly smaller than you would prefer it, or perhaps does not get quite as much light as you’d like, these tips are a sure way to reintroduce light and space into your life.


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