Why choose solid wood kitchen cupboards?

There are many advantages associated with the use of solid wood kitchen cupboards in your home. These are often visible at a glance. Solid wood kitchen cupboards tend to bring an aesthetic attractiveness to a kitchen that other woods do not. The durability of solid wood kitchen cupboards tends to unmatched by other wooden kitchen alternatives.

Solid Wooden Kitchen Cupboards

Solid Wooden Kitchen Cupboards by Swick Kitchens

With so many wood types and grades of wood available to home owners, budgets can often be matched. However, are you getting the quality you deserve? Solid wood kitchen cupboards may cost a bit more, but have many advantages and provide excellent value in the long term.

Advantages of solid wood kitchen cupboards

Solid wood kitchen cupboards are often more expensive than when compared to other wood types. However, using solid wood has a number of advantages:

  • Durability — solid wood lasts longer than many other wood types.
  • Damage Resistance — other wood types can be susceptible to moisture damage, including chipping and peeling, while solid wood is not.
  • Strength — solid wood cabinets are able to support heavy countertop materials like granite better over time than other wood types, as these wood types tend to begin sagging.
  • Beauty — although many veneers come close to copying wood grain, some will fade, peel and chip over time. You cannot match the natural beauty of solid wood.
Solid Wooden Kitchen Cupboards

Solid Wooden Kitchen Cupboards by Swick Kitchens

As you begin doing your research for solid wood kitchen cupboards, you are likely to find great variations in the cost. To get an accurate cost for your kitchen renovation, ensure that you ask for quotations based on the size, style and number of cabinets required.

The type of wood or material you choose will affect the cost, so be sure to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of the different wood types and grades to make an accurate comparison.

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