Window shutters for your home

Window shutters are an amazing addition to any home. They are considered a fixture once installed, which essentially means that they will add financial value to your property, not to mention the security and light-control benefits they incorporate. To this end, experts advise that one carefully considers the practical and design issues prior to purchase and installation.

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What is your primary objective for installing window shutters? 

Understanding the reasons for wanting shutters allows you to choose the best material. Are you adding them for their design or is it a security consideration? For example, aluminium security shutters enables you to secure your home, while the wooden shutters allow light control.

Where you will be installing your window shutters?

One of the latest trends is bathroom installation, which adds sophistication and privacy to the space. Alternatively, one can apply them to all windows and doors, specific rooms or even for exterior application. The shutter world is your oyster.

Another thing to keep in mind when installing your window shutters is the opening/closing considerations. Fewer panels are more effective if you’re planning on leaving the window shutters closed during the day with the slats tilted open.

What type of shutter will work best for you?

You should analyse the architectural and interior design layout of the room. Consider the impact the shutters will have on the space when open and closed; is there enough space to stack bi-fold shutters, swing open hinged shutters or is there enough space on the side of the opening to accommodate by-pass shutters in order to avoid taking window or door space.

The beauty of window shutters lies in their benefits. Included in these are light control, airflow control, privacy, security, sound and thermal insulation and open-plan area division. If you consider all of these in unison, shutter installation is not only an aesthetic-pleasing design, it’s a lifestyle choice.

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