Wooden balustrading benefits

Throughout history, balustrades have enhanced the beauty and character of fine architecture. TimberMax manufactures wooden balustrading to complement your unique decking requirements ensuring an aesthetic flow between your deck and balustrades. TimberMax offers an extensive range of laminated or solid timber balustrade components. They are manufactured with the uncompromising quality you have come to expect from their products.

In addition to their large inventory of standard balustrade designs, TimberMax’s artisans can also reproduce literally any existing balustrade pattern or create your own custom balustrade design.

Balustrades 1Wooden balustrades are largely considered to be a decorative feature in the home, since the design boasts elegance and sophistication many centuries after they were first introduced. Wood never gets old, especially when it comes to home use, and using wood for your balustrades will enable you to introduce the modishness of wooden balustrades into your home.

Wood is also probably the most commonly used type of balustrading when it comes to home use. This is also owing to the natural look that wood gives off, as well as its warm earthiness and a construction material. Whether polished or unpolished, wood is always a wonder in the home.

Balustrades 2

When choosing your balustrade material, ask yourself these questions

  • It is low maintenance
  • Is it a safe material to use
  • Does it match the finishes or theme of the home
  • Is it long-lasting?

TimberMax can answer all of these questions for you with their wooden balustrades. Trust TimberMax to provide you with timber balustrading that will last.

*This article was sponsored by TimberMax

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