Wooden Windows for Warmth

When it comes to home insulation, windows are considered a major culprit for heat loss. With wooden windows, heat loss in the home can be avoided in a cost-effective and energy-efficient way. In fact, wooden windows have been identified as one of the simplest ways to insulate a home and reduce heat loss.


In the short-term, however, there are ways you can increase heat retention in your living spaces, and they start with locking your windows. This forces the window to tightly shut, thus reducing drafts. The second is to cover them. Window coverings come in a variety of styles, materials and options are near-limitless. From blind to curtains, the choice is yours. Another option is to treat the actual window glass, and thermal window protection is a trend that many South African homes should jump on due to the energy-efficiency of the application particularly as it applies to SA winter months.

This glazing treatment for windows has many other benefits, one of which includes sound insulation. This can reduce outside noise levels coming into the home, as well as providing acoustic moderation in the room itself. This also works both ways, so when you have an evening of entertainment at home, the neighbours won’t be affected.

Another great benefit of wooden windows in the home is that they are a renewable resource when it comes to building materials. Some of the most sustainable homes are ones that make use of wood wherever possible.

If you have wooden windows at home but are thinking of replacing them with more energy-efficient ones, consider perhaps refurbishing them and applying weather strips. This is the most economical way to insulate your windows while maintaining a home’s original beauty. Sometimes, it’s better for fix what you have rather than replace it.

It’s not just physical warmth that wooden windows provide. There is also inviting and comforting warmth to using wood in the home, especially since it complements most decor and interior motifs. There are a variety of benefits to using wood in the home, especially when it comes to windows. Wooden windows bring cosiness into your home as well as style with rich natural wood that you can stain or paint to enhance the decor of any room. Fine craftsmanship, elegant styling and precise detailing make the view of your windows as impressive as the view from them.

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