Woodline solid wood flooring

If you want a Hardwood floor that reflects true style and elegance; look no further than the Traviata “Woodline” solid wood flooring range. A beautiful wood floor need not cost much more than a quality carpet, indeed it may even work out cheaper in the long run.

Most people prefer the look and feel of real wood floors. Wooden floors increase the value of one’s home. The Woodline range consists of many different genuine, exotic hardwoods. All products carry a comprehensive 25 year warranty.


Eco Friendly – Hevea brasiliensis

At least 75% of the construction of engineered wood consists of Hevea brasiliensis, which is a renewable plantation species. These plantations are systematically harvested and replanted, making it a controllable and sustainable environmental cycle. Hevea has been successfully used to replace deforested areas or destroyed natural tropical forests.

Maintenance instructions

Wood is a natural product with natural variations of colour, grains & characteristics.

Woodline Parquetry is a high quality 3 Ply Engineered Solid Wood Floor with formaldehyde-free, lacquered finish, ready for installation & will not require any special treatment directly after installation.


What you must be aware of is that even pre-finished Solid Wood Floors will naturally wear out; therefore some regular maintenance is needed to protect & preserve its surface.

  • Try to maintain an ideal room-climate with about 45-60% Air Humidity and a temperature of 20C. This climate is good for your health as well as for the well-being of Solid wood floors.
  • Daily cleaning should be done with either a vacuum cleaner or a smooth/soft/rubber broom. Any sand or dirt should be immediately removed because it can cause scratches & damage the floor surface.
  • Whenever necessary, the floor surface can also be cleaned with a DAMP/MOIST cloth to remove stains, grease, shoe-tracks, etc. NEVER use traditional wax or steel-wool on the floor.
  • We recommend that felt pads be fitted under any furniture bases or chair-legs etc. to protect the floor surface.
  • At the entrances of Clothing Boutiques, Halls, Corridors etc. a good floor mat is also recommended and will help preserve your floor.
  • Additional lacquering is not recommended for your ready-made finished 3Ply Solid Wood Floor. In case of any damage to the lacquer-surface (e.g. by furniture movement, etc.) smooth the affected area with a 120 to 150 grit sandpaper, followed by touch-lacquering the damaged area. It is also advisable to test the lacquer material used on some hidden surface or corner of the floor beforehand, to judge the expected results first.
  • Do not allow water to lie on the floor.
  • If the floor has been subjected to considerable wear, it can be renovated by machine sanding & re-lacquering.

This process can be repeated up to 3 times.


Stain Removal

  • Should there be a stain on the floor, you can try to remove it with a mild detergent (without AMMONIA) e.g. washing up liquid diluted in lukewarm water. Should this not help, here are more tips for removing more stubborn stains. Please be careful when using stronger stain removing agents as excessive quantities & over-zealous rubbing could damage the lacquer layer.
  • Asphalt, Rubber, Oil, Shoe-polish, Soot & difficult stains of Chocolate & Grease — can be removed with B38 (Wonder Kleen), washing Naphtha or Ligroin.
  • Crayon, Lipstick, Indian Ink — Mix 50/50 Turpentine spirits & water.
  • Chewing Gum — Either Freeze spray or place plastic bag with pieces of ice on the stain/gum & scrape off very carefully.
  • Blood — Use cold water & once removed remember to dry the floor panels.

Using the above methods will ensure the longevity of your Traviata Woodline Parquetry 3 Ply Engineered Wood Floor.

*This article was sponsored by Traviata Flooring Systems

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